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by Rebecca Cronin on November 10th 2016

World Fair Host Family Event 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to the world fair As you can see from the pictures below it was a fantastic events Congrats  to Spain […]

by Lindsay Pikovsky on September 25th 2017

October Fun, 2017!

October Fun – 2017 Below is a list of some local events and festivals that will be occurring in September and October, 2017.  This is not a complete […]

by Kristen Craig on April 18th 2014

Hello world!

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by Lauren Taylor on August 1st 2017


About Lauren Lauren, the 2nd of four children, was born in Massachusetts and grew up on Cape Cod. She attended Cape Cod Community College and […]

by Ewa Sterczewski on September 18th 2017

Great events coming soon!

We are slowly getting into a season full of the best holidays and events America’s culture has to offer. Right around the corner we have […]

by Colleen Keeley on June 15th 2013

Make-A-Splash summer savings!

June 21 – June 25 we will be offering NEW families a sizzling summer discount!

by Heather McKinsey on December 18th 2013

Hello world!

Welcome to Au Pair News. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

by Emily & David Brazell on June 3rd 2014

Au Pair Answer Mom

Host Families – I know you have different questions at different times.  Now we have an additional resource for you! Au Pair Answer Mom is […]

by Dawn Popp on July 29th 2016

Who Am I, and Why Did I Become an LCC?

Hi, everyone! So, I’ve decided that I want to make better and more frequent use of my blog, and to kick that off, I thought […]

by Julia Viherlahti on July 14th 2016

Tax Info for Host Families

Cultural Care strongly recommends that you consult with your tax advisor, accountant, insurance advisor and/or an attorney regarding any state or federal rules or regulations […]

by Julie Grabscheid on September 21st 2017

In Home Doctor’s Visits for Au Pairs

Did you know that there is a company called HEAL that provides Bay Area in home doctor’s visits for $99?  They take many insurance plans. […]

by Emma Lefkowitz on August 11th 2017

Emma’s Advice on Taking Classes

What classes should I take?  This is a very big decision for a couple of reasons: time, money & fun.  Au pairs want to spend […]

by Sarah Chadwick on September 14th 2017

Hello world!

Welcome to Au Pair News. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

by Jodi Magen on June 22nd 2016

Entering your proof of education to CCAP

Below are the steps to the find your Education Completion Form: 1)    Go to www.culturalcare.com 2)    Click “Login” and enter your login information 3)    Go to “When Your […]

by Jeanne Marie on March 21st 2011


FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2011, 6PM — Gallery Walk in Brattleboro, Vermont! SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2011, 6PM — Green Emporium, Colraine, to listen to Irish music […]

by Burt and Kassi Buchtinec on February 13th 2013

Weekend courses

http://www.weekendprogram.org/ Weekend-long classes for au pairs are a fun option for au pairs who would like to earn several credits towards their educational requirement in […]

by Beth Gabriel on March 31st 2015

Discovery Tours for Au Pairs

Cultural Care will start promoting three new tours (Hawaii – Florida – Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon) specifically designed for our au pairs […]

by Joanne Dimond on February 23rd 2012

A bit about me

Hello, I am the Local Child Care Coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair. My husband and I are the proud parents of 2 teenage daughters, […]